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Umbrian meat
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Umbrian game plays a leading role in the traditional cuisine of the Region: hares, wild boars, quails, partridges, pheasants and many birds are cooked according to the ancient Umbrian way. Many wild animals are present in the area, as Umbria is one of the most famous hunting grounds of Italy. Game birds, wild boars, deers and roe deers are easy to see on the Umbrian tables. Umbria was one of the first regions in Italy to develop and promote the recovery of savage rural areas for organic cattle breeding. Chicken, rabbit, pork and lamb: Umbrian meat is well known throughout Europe for its quality. The tender beef of the "Vitellone Bianco" from the Central Apennine Mountains, received a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), like the "Chianina", "Marchigiana" and "Romagnola" breeds. Umbria is often referred to as the homeland of sausages. The city of Norcia is renowned for its swine breeding capacity and the pork butchers (the socalled "Norcini") follow a tradition that has been renewing itself for centuries now. The area of Nocera Umbria is also famous for its sausages of venison.